Winton Drive

Property Prep renovated two properties at Winton Drive. We subdivided the first floor flat to make the back of the flat into the 3rd floor of The Mews. Collectively, the properties were bought for £770,000 and sold for £1.24m, after the work was complete.

Changes Included:

  • Subdivision of upper flat

  • Redecoration internally

  • New doors

  • Flooring throughout

  • 1 kitchen upgraded and 1 new kitchen

  • Steel works and new porch

  • Windows refurbished and triple glazed

  • Garden and driveway maintenance

We redecorated the hallway of the first floor flat, raising the wall sconces to meet building regulations and replaced the tired carpet with herringbone flooring. We also replaced the front door to allow more light into the entrance. The communal staircase required decoration to the walls and woodwork. The staircase carpet was replaced with a much more durable Seagrass.


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